Nadi Al Bassar is a charity institution, non governmental, non political dedicated to educational, medical, scientific and social Works. It's :

Nadi Al Bassar is also an Educational, Medical and Social association self-sustained, founded following the 7th Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology, held in Tunis October 1980, recognized as non-governmental organization in may 1982, visa n° 5071.



Honorary presidents:

R. Castroviejo, A. Dubois-Pousen, J. François, L. Guillaumat, H.Jr King, E.B.Streiff, P. Thygeson, Sir J. Wilson.

Honorarv Members:

P. Amalric, J. Barraquer, W. Foulds, C. Kupfer, A.E. Maumenee, H.J. Merté, T. Meredith, J. Mur, D. Paton, A. Patz, E.S. Perkins, J. Peyresblanques, M.A. Shah, A. Sommer, B.R. Straastasa.

International Advisory Council:

Chairman Nobel Price Abdu Salam

Maghrebian Advisory Council:

Chairman Professor M. Aouchiche - Past dean Algerian medical facultiers

National Advisory Council:

Chairman Professor Bechir Hamza - French Academy of Medecine Correspondant.

Executive Committee:

President: Professor R. Mabrouk

Vice-president: Doctor A. Trabelsi

General Secretary: Professor A. Meddeb Ouertani

Counsellors: Dr K. Ben Amor, Dr B. Bouassida, N. Eschedly,
Dr H. Farah, Dr H. Zbiba